29 Responses to “[Manga] テラフォーマーズ 第01-22巻 [Terra Formars Vol 01-22]”

  1. troy says:

    please fix the link to volume 20

  2. troy says:

    link to 20 is dead

  3. nana33 says:

    all links are dead! please re upload

  4. Zero says:

    Links dead

  5. su says:


  6. abc says:

    Please to improve early to the by deletion of datfile too many

  7. Lee says:

    all links are dead.

  8. goma says:

    Please comment on this post if links download die!

  9. nana says:

    picture is not correct! It should be “Terra Formars”. This is “Destroy and Revolution”.

  10. kim says:

    uploaded please 13 links

  11. 4478 says:

    Uploaded please 14 links

  12. myu says:


  13. myou says:

    Uploadable please all links

  14. quiqui says:

    do you have manga titled “hashitanakute gomen”?

  15. taka says:

    all links are dead! please re up load!

  16. yasu says:

    thank you

  17. yasu says:


  18. niko2 says:

    do you know when vol 11 will be upload?

  19. nata56 says:

    do you have volume 11?

  20. nata56 says:

    all links are dead! please re up load!

  21. Raw-Zip says:

    [Manga]Terra Formars Vol 01-08 (テラフォーマーズ 第01-08巻) all links fixed already.

  22. aka says:


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